#Brainbuster: Q: A new survey finds that 30% of people feel like you’re officially an adult when you do this?

A: Take your parents out for dinner and pay the bill

So how do you know when you’re ACTUALLY an adult?  Here are the top 10 signs, according to a new survey . . .

  1. Pay your own bills.  81% of people say you need to before you’re considered an adult.


  1. Have a full-time job.  63% say it’s a requirement for being an adult.


  1. Move out of your parents’ house, 59%.


  1. Do your own laundry, 55%.


  1. Don’t get regular financial assistance from your parents or relatives, 54%.


  1. Cook for yourself more than twice a week, 39%.


  1. Do your own taxes, 38%.


  1. Contribute to an IRA or other retirement plan, 35%.


  1. Take your parents out to dinner and pay the bill, 30%.


  1. Get an annual check up, 29%.

A few things that didn’t make the top 10 are having children . . . hosting Thanksgiving . . . giving money to charity . . . flossing . . . and paying for Netflix.


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