Top 10 Cities With The Longest Commutes

Do you spend more time getting to and from work than the majority of your fellow Americans? Business Insider has just crunched the numbers on the average commute times for several major U.S. cities and determined that these 10 have the longest commutes (check the link for more):

  • New York, NY (average commute time: 39.9 minutes)
  • Jersey City, NJ (36.2 minutes)
  • Newark, NJ (34.4 minutes)
  • Chicago, IL (34.1 minutes)
  • Philadelphia, PA (32.5 minutes)
  • Fremont, CA (32 minutes)
  • San Francisco, CA (31.7 minutes)
  • Baltimore, MD (30.5 minutes)
  • Oakland, CA (30.3 minutes)
  • (tie) Los Angeles, CA and Boston, MA (30.1 minutes each)


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