Needles Found In Halloween Candy

Police in Arcadia, Wisconsin, are trying to track down a Halloween menace who inserted sewing needles into trick-or-treaters' candy this week. 

"We received a phone call from a concerned parent. He called me and stated that his child had gone through their candy and had started to eat it and when they had bitten into it they had seen in the Kit Kat that there was a needle in it," says Arcadia police chief Diana Anderson.

 "In the meantime, they had gone through some other candy in his bad and had found a second item that was a Laffy Taffy type of a substance that had a second needle in it as well." While police are trying to pinpoint the exact source of the candy, Anderson says this particular trick-or-treater "pretty much went all around town to our main trick-or-treating spots downtown...We cannot pinpoint at this time exactly where it has come from."



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