Nationwide Christmas Tree Shortage Expected This Year

The U.S. is suffering a Christmas tree shortage that's driving tree prices up 5 to 10 percent, according to the National Christmas Tree Association. Why? It goes back to the recession starting in 2008. As the economy tanked, so did Christmas tree sales. Growers didn't need to cut down as many trees as they normally would, and that left less room in the groves to plant seedlings.

 Since a Christmas tree takes about a decade to hit a height of seven to eight feet, growers now don't have as many to cut and ship around the country as they have in past years. "We believe everyone who wants to have a real tree will find one," said Doug Hundley, the association's spokesman. "[But] they may not have the size they want or they might have to buy a different kind (because) we have a tight market."



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