Should Men Be Banned From Open Bars?

n response to the overwhelming number of women coming forward with allegations of sexual harrassment, Vox Media has announced that it will not have an open bar at its staff holiday party this year. 

An email sent to its New York staff last week states that at the request of many employees, there will be more food and less booze at the event. Each attendee will receive two drink tickets to use as they please and after that, only non-alcoholic drinks will be available. 

"We recognize that even though alcohol isn’t always the reason for unprofessional behavior, creating an environment that encourages overconsumption certainly contributes to it," the message concludes. Jezebel has responded to the email by suggesting that only men should be banned from open bars at work parties. "Women, nonbinary folks, trans folks—you can all drink, but until the office dudes have proven that they can ask us about our holiday travel plans, or whether we’ve seen I, Tonya without groping us, masturbating at us, or locking us in their sex prisons, they can wash down their sliders with a soda," one of its writers declares. 


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