Waffle House Customer Cooks Own Meal While Employee Naps

A man who walked into a South Carolina Waffle House at 3 a.m. last week only to find the restaurant's lone staffer fast asleep decided to cook his own meal while drunk. "I was pretty inebriated," 36-year-old Alex Bowen tells ABC News, adding that he first waited 10 minutes for someone to come take his order. "That's when I got hot on the grill with a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt." 

Bowen's story went viral after he shared several selfies Wednesday on Facebook that show him cooking behind the counter. "Couldn't sleep, so I went to Waffle House," he captioned the snaps. "Everyone on shift was asleep." Waffle House has since responded, "For safety reasons, our customers should never go behind the counter...In a related note, obviously Alex has some cooking skills and we'd like to talk to him about a job since we may have something for him." Bowen has also said that a Waffle House district manager has reached out asking if he wants to become a Waffle House secret shopper.



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