College Girl Tries To Sell Lamp on Tinder

A college girl who enjoys killing time on Tinder but didn't want to cheat on her boyfriend has gone viral after she decided to see if she'd get any action on the dating app by posting a lamp. "Not looking for hookups, just to sell my lamp. Serious inquiries only," Aline LaReine wrote on Tinder alongside a pic of the lamp. "[I] got so many matches and messages that it crashed my phone," LaReine tweeted on Sunday along with screengrabs showing the responses she got.

 One Tinder user wrote her, "I can tell you are totally different than all the girls here. And I like that," prompting Aline to reply, "I am a lamp." She claims she did ultimately sell the lamp, but in exchange, she had to endure countless replies from people sending her the clip from Anchorman where Steve Carell says, "I love lamp." 



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