Fed Up Taco Bell Worker Throws Burrito At Boss

On Monday at a Spartanburg, South Carolina, Taco Bell, the restaurant’s supervisor told an employee to “stop being a crybaby” after the latter repeatedly argued with co-workers and complained about having to work the morning shift. The employee responded by throwing a burrito at his boss, snapping his headset across his knee and storming out of the restaurant. 

“[The supervisor] stated that when he threw the burrito, the melted cheese got all over her left arm and went all down her left side and leg,” a police report read. “She stated that it made a mess of the entire kitchen as well, getting cheese over all the appliances.” The State reports that police are planning to seek a warrant to arrest the staffer, whose Taco Bell career is likely over

This isn't the FIRST time that's happened. Check this out... 



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