5 AWESOME Stories: What is the kindest thing a stranger has done for you?

Someone on Reddit recently posed the question, "What's the most amazing thing a complete stranger has done for you?" Here are five answers that will warm your heart (check out more at the link): 

  • "I was taking the bus home from Arkansas to California, which takes about 40 hours. I was 23, and had contracted chicken pox--which is very, very, bad--and came down with symptoms during the bus ride. I had a high fever starting to break out, body aches, and a swollen throat. In Texas, we picked up a bunch of dudes who had just been released from prison. They took over the back of the bus, made a spot for me to lie down on the back seats, and gave me Tylenol and whiskey, garlic, tea, and generally took care of me all the way to Cali. 
  • "A stranger donated the bone marrow that helped cure my leukemia. She was truly amazing, as far as I am concerned." 
  • "Somebody bought me beer when I was underage. Thanks dude!" 
  • "When I was in high school I was really upset about something that happened to me, and I was crying. An upperclassman girl I didn't really know pulled me into an empty classroom, helped me calm down, and listened to me talk. She didn't have to help me or give a crap about me but she did, and was nice to me up until she graduated, too. Makes me happy to know there are people like her in the world. Hope she's doing well." 
  • "Someone offered me a ride home from work as I was about to start walking in the rain. It was a really rough part of my life and it took such a small gesture to give me a bit of happiness in a bad place."


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