11 CHEAP Things To Do With Your BFF on Valentine's Day

Not planning on having a hot date for Valentine’s Day? No worries! Bustle has compiled this list of 11 cheap things to do on February 14 with your best friend. Here they are: 

  • Go hiking. You’ll get both your endorphins and a good conversation going. 
  • Have a movie/TV night. Whether you decide on movies or shows together or you both choose a few favorites, you can make your Valentine's Day evening into a fun, low-pressure viewing extravaganza.
  • Cook together. It'll be a great way for you two to bond as well as have a satisfying reward afterwards: your home cooked meal.
  • Have a sleepover. Just because you're in your twenties, thirties or beyond, doesn't mean you cannot have a sleepover like you did when you and your BFF were teenagers. 
  • Go to the park. Go to a local park and hope on a swing. 
  • Go down memory lane. Get some photos printed out and spend Valentine's Day and make some scrapbooks for each other. 
  • Go camping. Aside from being a great way to spend quality time together, you'll also benefit from spending time with nature. 
  • Take a road trip. There are probably a lot of neighborhoods and towns or cities near yours that neither of you have explored.
  • Check out some thrift stores. Nothing spells fun more than finding great deals on cool vintage clothes. 
  • Go to an arcade. Many arcades serve drinks and food, so you can make a whole night of it.
  • Go sledding. Find a local hill to go to or track one down outside the city


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