How To Get Better At Canceling Plans

Everyone secretly loves canceling plans, but very few of us know the best way to do it. "The challenge is communicating [your cancellation] in a way that doesn't seem like a reflection of how you feel about the person you're bailing on," writes The Cut. Here's their advice on how to cancel plans like a pro:

  • Cancel in person or by phone. That way, the person you're canceling on will be less upset with you and nothing will get lost in translation. 
  • Send an apology note or gift. In cases where you've canceled on something really important to the other person, this will work wonders.
  • Don't exclaim "I'm the worst!" when you cancel. This sends the subliminal message that you are, indeed, the worst.
  • Avoid the "something came up" excuse. Give a truthful, specific reason why you're bailing.
  • Stay off social media after canceling. You don't want the person you bailed on reading on Facebook about how much fun you're having staying in and binge-watching Netflix.
  • Set concrete plans for the next time you can get together--and stick to them.


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