Were you raised right? Take this Quiz!

Here is a nondefinitive, nonexhaustive list of 20 things you probably do if you were raised right:

  1. turn off your car when you get gas
  2. wipe your feet before you walk in the house
  3. wipe the seatie if you sprinkle when you tinkle
  4. put the toilet seat down after tinkling
  5. rinse your dishes off when you put them in the sink
  6. don’t double park and ruin two parking spaces
  7. throw your trash in the trash can and if you miss playing trashketball, you always pick up your trash and put it in
  8. don’t litter
  9. don’t leave the piss-me-off amount of orange juice/Kool-Aid/soda/milk/libation
  10. recycle when it’s an option

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