Twitter Encourages Mom To Go Back To School

Trina Dye, a 53-year-old single mother of three from Los Angeles, recently confessed to her daughter Morgan that she wants to earn a Ph.D. in psychology--but Dye also expressed concern that she's too old to pursue her goal. Morgan disagreed and took to Twitter to prove her mom wrong. "My mom is in her fifties and is worried it’s too late for her to get her Ph.D. RT if you think she should go for it," Morgan tweeted on Friday. 

The tweet has since gone viral, attracting tens of thousands of likes and support from people all over the world--especially from other older women chasing their dreams. "I’m 64 and just completed M.A. Creative Writing; it’s never too late whatever it is! Go for it!" one tweeted. Another wrote, "I’m 61 and thinking about taking the LSAT." Dye tells BuzzFeed that she is overwhelmed by the support of strangers online and that she has submitted an application to a local graduate school. To those who encouraged her, she promises, "I will work my butt off to not let you down."



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