Utah becomes 1st state to legalize so-called 'free range parenting'

Now that Utah has passed the country's first law legalizing "free-range parenting," moms and dads in states from New York to Texas are clamoring for similar changes. 

The AP reports that the concept of free-range parenting is to give kids the freedom to do things alone--be it riding a bike to school or walking to the park--which can teach them how to care for themselves and give anxiety-plagued parents a break. 

Utah's new law decriminalizes the act of allowing "well-cared for children" to travel to school, explore a playground, or stay in a car alone if they are mature enough to handle it. 

The parenting technique purports to make kids healthier, happier, and more resilient, and was first introduced a decade ago when Lenore Skenazy wrote a column about letting her 9-year-old son ride the New York City subway alone. 



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