Woman Offers Her Car for ENTIRE STOCK of Necco Wafers

When it comes to Necco wafers, Katie Samuels is a ride-or-die chick--literally. The 23-year-old Florida woman has offered her car to wholesaler CandyStore.com for their entire Necco stash after news broke last month that Necco production could end if the company that makes the wafers can't find a buyer. 

"I offered to trade my 2003 Honda Accord for all of their stock,” Samuels told The Boston Globe on Tuesday. "I knew it was kind of a silly thing to say, but I’m serious. I don’t have much right now, so I was like, 'I’ve got this car, and I want all that candy, so maybe they would consider it.'"

 While the website didn't take her up on the offer, they did sell her 48 rolls of Neccos. Adds Samuels, "[Necco] was my Granny's favorite and she always had it at her house...My boyfriend has a car and he drives me everywhere anyways."

Seems like EVERYONE is hoarding... 



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