Woman goes broke attending 20 weddings in 4 Yrs.

Meet Georgina Childs, a 30-year-old PR account manager from England who claims she went broke and had to move back in with her parents after attending 20 weddings in four years. Child tells The Sun that she spent $9,250 on weddings and $3,980 on bachelorette parties--for a grand total of $13,200. 

She also served as a bridesmaid in seven of the ceremonies. "I wish I could say no, but how do you tell your friends you just don’t think their wedding is within your budget?" Child asks. 

She continues, "I used to love going to weddings. It was all new and exciting and although it cost a lot, I could budget ahead of time. But from 2014, invites started arriving thick and fast. My calendar was getting booked up and money was pouring out. I started to panic. It felt like all the other guests could afford things like staying in a nice hotel or chipping in for the joint gift and I couldn’t. There was a pressure to keep up." 

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