Woman's Trash Bag Prom Dress DIY- Goes VIRAL

One woman's trash is another woman's treasure! On Sunday, a YouTuber known for her shopping and DIY videos quickly went viral after she posted a tutorial showing how she made a gorgeous prom gown out of garbage bags.

"A comment I get all the time is this," Amber Scholl says in the eight-minute clip, pointing to a comment that reads, "Amber could wear a trash bag and still look bomb." She added, "So I thought it would be fun to go ahead and try it. I literally have no idea, I've never attempted a project like this before." 

She told Teen Vogue she fashioned the garment by "restitching and gluing stuff onto a dress I bought at a thrift store." She also jokes in the video that her materials, including a cheap black bodysuit, tape and trash bags, "looks like a really weird version of Fifty Shades of Grey."



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