Woman explains why she sent her date 65,000 text messages

Hell hath no fury like a 31-year-old Arizona woman scorned! This week, Jacqueline Ades was arrested and charged with stalking after allegedly sending 65,000 texts to a millionaire she went on just one date with last year. 

Ades reportedly met the unnamed man on a dating app, but after their first get-together, he told her he didn't wish to see her again. 

She proceeded to send him tens of thousands of sweet nothings, including, "Don’t ever try to leave me," "I'll kill you" and "I don’t wanna be a murderer.” Ades also broke into the man's Paradise Valley residence last month to take a bath. In a interview from jail this week, Ades said, "I was looking for my healing angel...I love him so much."



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