See Why Man is Suing Popular "Halo Top" Ice Cream

A New York man is suing Halo Top after he mistakenly bought the brand's low-calorie ice cream under the impression that it was the real, waistline-expanding deal. Josh Berger claims he bought a pint of Halo Top in 2017 under the impression that it was regular ice cream due to its "false, deceptive and misleading" labeling. 

When he dug into the $6.99 pint, he was aghast to discover that it was harder and less creamy than regular ice cream. The lawsuit notes that regular ice cream is required to have at least 10 percent milk fat, while Halo Top's dairy flavors have 5 percent or less. 

"Reasonable consumers are not aware they are purchasing a ‘light ice cream’ product," Berger's lawsuit says. "[He] would not have purchased the products or paid as much if the true facts had been known."



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