Disgusting Moment When Customer Throws Her Poop at Fast Food Workers

Here's a steaming pile of hot news coming your way: A woman at a Tim Hortons in Langley, British Columbia, got so mad when she was denied access to the store's bathroom on Monday that she dropped her pants by the counter, pooped on the floor, picked up the poop, and threw it at the offending employee.

 A Royal Canadian Mounted Police rep tells BuzzFeed the as-yet-unidentified woman was "briefly detained after the incident," which reportedly came about due to her "past behavior," according to a Tim Hortons rep. 

The RCMP also say they've had run-ins with her before and that she's expected to appear in court at a later date. Deadspin notes that the pooper also grabbed some napkins to wipe her behind and then threw those at the worker as well. So, who's up for a chocolate dip?

WARNING: Images might be disturbing 

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