Make a Popsicle CAKE!!

You know that I LOVE to CAKE! Especially with my two girls (Ryan and Briar). It’s something we have picked up over this past year and now put our hearts and soul into. We don’t bake for money- only to BAKE it forward and put joy into the world. ❤️ One of our inspirations is a Canadian online star named Yolanda Gampp. Her cakes are AMAZING and her videos are so fun to watch.  Because we are in the middle of summer I thought it would be fun to show you this ADORABLE Popsicle cake she made. My daughter’s and I did our own version (see photo below) and it was a hit with our family!! Hope you enjoy Yolanda as much as I do. If you bake this...make sure to send me a picture...AND a slice! Enjoy! 



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