Melissa’s Springsteen Cake!

I made this cake for my friend Jon. BIGGEST Springsteen fan EVER!! Lol ❤️

Jon, You have a heart of gold. A laugh more than infectious. When a friend OR a cause needs you, you step up. A Jersey boy who embodies Chicago warmth. You sing at the drop of a hat. In public. Boisterous. Full volume. Not a person around you doesn’t enjoy your zest for life. Your social media posts make us smile...sending positive thoughts and vibes. Your celebrity connections are endless. Much to the amazement of us regular folks. Friends and family adore you. I’m pretty sure Springsteen cherishes you. I know Al Roker can’t live without you🤣🤣. Happy 50th Birthday Jon. May you continue to love life....and live every day like a BOSS.❤️



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