My two girls and I just finished our most recent CAKE! Yep, here it is. It took over 12 hours and I usually write a personal message for every one. It’s a way to teach my kids about what I call “Baking it Forward”. Here’s the RAMEN noodle cake for my nephew! 


Jack, you are such an outstanding person and I’m beyond lucky to call you my nephew. 

I have loved watching you turn into a remarkable young man. Helpful,  smart, courteous, funny and ALWAYS kind-hearted. 

We know you love Ramen, so this CAKE for your birthday was a must. 🤣

We hope you enjoy every bit of it and always remember in feeds the SOUL...but eating it with the ones you love...feeds your HEART. ❤️

*(Everything edible but chopsticks. Bowl is white chocolate)

My brother and my nephew Jack.❤️

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