9 GIFTS for people who LOVE to SLEEP!!

Do you have someone in your life that loves sleep more than most things? Thankfully, Bustle has compiled this list of nine gift ideas for the sleep lover in your life:

  1. A soft onesie ($22, Target)
  2. A silk pillowcase ($72, Slip)
  3. A weighted blanket ($249, Gravity Blanket)
  4. An aromatherapy nightlight ($15, Bed, Bad & Beyond)
  5. An alarm clock tea maker ($69, Amazon)
  6. A body pillow ($70, Snuggle-Pedic)
  7. Moon Bean Sleep Aid ($60, Uncommon Goods)
  8. Fleece-lined socks ($50, Nordtrom)
  9. Hibermate Sleep Mask with Ear Muffs ($60, Amazon)


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