THE TOP 10 SIGNS that you are officially OLD


HERE ARE THE TOP 10 SIGNS YOU KNOW YOU ARE OFFICIALLY GETTING OLD. If you have done any of these you are OLD.....

  1. You used to watch the Jetsons and The Flinstones
  2. You once put photos in a scrapbook or photo album
  3. Scooby Doo was a part of your Saturday morning rotation
  4. You first got on the internet thanks to a free CD
  5. You've used a pencil to fix a cassette tape
  6. You get really excited about naps and bedtime
  7. You can write in cursive
  8. Your parents yelled at you to get off the internet so they could use the phone
  9. You once ate your apple pie dessert out of a tin tray
  10. You have injured yourself sleeping!


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