The new MYSTERY OREOS arrive 9/16 and could win YOU $50,000

The new MYSTERY OREO arrives in the United States on Monday Sept. 16th and could win you $50,000. While the cookies LOOK JUST THE regular ones you are used to, the white creamy filling has a distinct new taste (some are saying is kinda spicy). If you guess correctly and submit your answer you may win the $50,000 in prize money, The Mystery Oreo could be one flavor OR a mixture of two current flavors. Nabisco says they are releasing 3 different versions of the mystery packs and each contain a different clue. They will also be dropping hints on their Facebook page every Monday. Just for reference, back in 2017 the Mystery flavor was Fruity Pebbles. The video below is the Canadian version where I believe the prize is $25,000.



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