Krispy Kreme REVERSES it's decision about college kid selling doughnuts

I told you about this story yesterday, and now there is a sudden REVERSAL of the decision by Krispy Kreme. Much to the happiness of many people in a small town without one. The 21 year old college student lives in an area of Minnesota that hasn't had a Krispy Kreme store in 11 years and quite frankly, people wanted them. Sooo...the enterprising college student would drive 270 miles to pick up 100 boxes or so to resell them for $17- $20 a box. Some people were willing to pay nearly $100 a box! Krispy Kreme originally shut him down and told him to stop. However, a reversal in their thinking will now allow the 21 year old to continue with his operation. Not only that, they are DONATING 500 dozen doughnuts to get him restarted. Awe, all is well that ends well.



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