Thanksgiving Foods That Will Make It Past TSA Security Checkpoints

Flying with food this holiday weekend? The Washington Post checked with TSA press secretary Jenny L. Burke to find out which Thanksgiving delicacies won't cause trouble at security checkpoints.

"The general rule that we tend to tell people is that if you can spray it, spread it, pump it, or pour it, it should go in your checked bag," says Burke, who adds that decisions are ultimately at agents' discretion. Here are some other pointers:  

  • Cheese. Hard cheese is fine, but creamy, spreadable cheeses like brie should probably go in checked baggage.
  • Main-course meats.Hams, turkeys, whole birds and seafood will all make it through checkpoints. Live lobsters are fine if in a clear, plastic container.
  • Mashed tubers.Potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes aren't a problem.
  • Gravy.It's a liquid, so no. However, Chrissy Teigen found a loophole when she stirred gravy into potatoes.
  • Baked goods.They're all acceptable, even pies.

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