Family Surprises Boy at School With His Lost Dog

This will make you cry....and cry hard. From the gut. The holiday's were not going to be the same when the Licata family lost their 2 year old pug named Piper. Last month he went missing when April Licata opened the back door for the dog to go to the bathroom and she never returned. Thanksgiving was so hard for the family and the kids have been distraught. They sent out notices, Facebook posts, flyers, etc. until one day a dog of the same description was dropped off at the local animal shelter. Carter (one of the kids) was out of town when they learned about Piper being returned, so they decided to keep it a secret and surprise him when they picked him up from school. Piper could hardly control her excitement...and neither could Carter. This is the best. Try not to cry. Buckets.



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