De-Clutter & Recognize Your Priorities!

So, this time of year the ever-famous topic of de-cluttering your home comes up! Let's face it, it is a very tangible way of recognizing your priorities and removing the road blocks that keep you from them.

What kind of "clutter" has gotten in the way of your priorities?

Can I tell you something? I could absolutely care less about what kind of car you drive, what label is on the inside or outside of your jacket, your jeans, your boots or shoes... Whether your handbag is Italian leather or pleather, your credit card gold, platinum, or non existant. I don't care where you live, what your furniture looks like, where you shop, vacation, or work. You get my drift...

You want to know what I DO care about? You know what "impresses" me. The way your heart works.

Do you have compassion for others? Are the needs of those less fortunate a priority? Do you go out of your way to show kindness? Do you visit shut-ins? Read books to your kids and grandkids? Take time to listen - really listen - to things your loved ones feel passionate about?

Do you honor people who deserve respect and thank those who put their lives at risk to enrich ours? Our soldiers, our police, firefighters, EMT's? How 'bout the linemen and all the utility crews putting their life on the line in the worst of winter weather so we can have lights, power, water, and phones?

These are the things that matter. Do NOT worry about what other people think! Just live a life of integrity and compassion.

All that other stuff? Just clutter.

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