"Planting" Our Feet, this New Year!

violet primula with raindrops

Well, not your feet exactly, but your shoes! Inspired by my own ramblings and itching for a quick and easy project last weekend (my favorite kind) I grabbed some out-grown and out-dated shoes and had some fun.

A quick trip to the nursery at Home Depot found some lovely and colorful Primroses and Cyclamen. I already had potting soil and Spanish moss in my shed...

Into the boots and shoes go the soil, next the posies, tucked in with the moss. Voila! Pretty little planters steppin' out in style!

I put a few of mine in the boot rack to encourage folks to take off the shoes before coming in the house, and scattered a few more around the living room.

If you follow in my footsteps, send us a photo tonight, e-mail Producer David by clicking or tapping here! We would Love to see what happens when you kick-up your heels!

(photo above: portishead1)

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