From The Inside Out: Beyond The Beauty With Cosmetics Legend Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Ribbon Cutting

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Ribbon Cutting

Bobbi Brown is a legendary makeup artist and entrepreneur who created her own billion-dollar beauty brand, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, a line of products she eventually sold to Estée Lauder. She went on to start another empire based around health and wellness, becoming a health coach and authoring nine books that landed her on New York Times bestseller lists. Now, she has a podcast, too: Beyond the Beauty, where she sits down with nutritionists, doctors, and entrepreneurs to talk about beauty from the inside out, rather than the outside in. On the first episode, her COO Tara Tersigni interviews her to find out about the real Bobbi Brown: her hopes, her dreams, her legendary life, even her favorite cocktail recipe (Tito’s mojitos – they’re “kind of like a spa drink,” she says).

Bobbi started her company kind of by accident; she was working as a makeup artist in the 1980s and mentioned to a chemist that she wanted to make a lipstick “that looked like lips,” in natural shades. He made it for her, and for nearly a year she sold them out of her house. “I’d put them in a manila envelope and my husband would mail them,” she tells Tara. “We didn’t have the term ‘side hustle’ back then, but it was my side hustle.” Her line attracted the attention of a buyer at Bergdorf Goodman’s, and after four years, she had the most popular brand there and in Neiman Marcus stores as well. Then Estée Lauder came calling. Right around the time that she sold her brand, she became the beauty editor on the Today Show, coming on once a month to teach women how to apply makeup. She herself is a working mom of three, and “back then, it wasn’t cool to be a mom,” but, “guess what? I'm going to teach women how to put their makeup on when they're in the car line dropping their kid off. Because that's real life.” 

Ironically, the creator of a huge line of beauty products doesn’t herself wear much makeup; she says the only beauty item she can’t do without is a good moisturizer, because “with the right moisturizer, you really don't need that much makeup.” Her emphasis throughout her career on natural beauty for real people has recently culminated in an expansive interest in all things health and wellness. “I’m not saying don’t wear concealer, blush, makeup, but the difference is, the better and healthier your skin is, the less makeup you need and the better it looks,” she points out. Her new brand, EVOLUTION_18, “teaches people how to be beautiful from the inside out.” 

Her legendary career, her three children and successful marriage, and her multiple leaps of faith have made Bobbi Brown a truly inspiring woman; find out more about how she got where she is today, why she walked away from Estée Lauder, and what’s next, on this episode of Beyond the Beauty

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