Will You Accept This Rose Dishes About First Episode Of The Bachelor

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Arden Myrin loves ABC’s The Bachelor, and she’s not the only one! So every week, she gets together with similarly obsessed friends like Supernatural’s Rob Benedict, Criminal MindsPaget Brewster, and many others to dish about the latest episode on her podcast Will You Accept This Rose. On this episode, Arden, Rob, and Paget are joined by Anna Hossnieh and Katie Levine to talk about the premiere episode of The Bachelor, when Peter Weber meets all the ladies who are vying for that final rose. And as usual, there’s plenty of drama to cover: cheesy airplane jokes, multiple windmill references, Botox face, clergy porn, birthday grinding, mascara disasters, surprise guests, questionable painting skills, and so much more.

The panel covers their first impressions of the candidates and of Peter himself, agreeing that he’s hot because he can speak Spanish (“it saves him from being too cookie-cutter,” Rob says) and seems like he’s probably “good in the sack.” They bemoan all the cheesy airplane jokes (for example, “I’m here for all the flight reasons") that must have been scripted because Peter is a pilot. “He seems like a bit of a dum-dum,” Arden observes, “but I feel like he could get me from here to Sacramento.” They all noticed his rapport with Kelley, whom he had already met in the lobby of a Four Seasons at a mutual friend’s wedding. They spend some time speculating about what happened in that lobby: Rob thinks they’ve already done the deed, but Arden thinks it was more like “a little dry-humping...against a bookcase...grinding near a planter.” 

They talk about the girls, too, going over who got drunk first, who went on the first dates, who got cut, and Paget floats a conspiracy theory that Hannah Anne is actually a part-human, part-android that’s been genetically engineered to win The Bachelor. Anna says if that’s the case, she was probably programmed by an older producer, “because remember when she was like, ‘Alright, daddy-o.’ Are you a person?” They also discuss their ages; Katie thinks they’re all too young to get married, saying, “If you can’t rent a car, you can’t be on The Bachelor.” Arden agrees: “You have to rent a car and drive yourself to the mansion.” 

This hilarious, enthusiastic panel takes us through the entire episode as the girls attend Peter’s parents’ vow renewal ceremony, watch him clean an airplane shirtless (“I don’t think that’s even FAA approved,” Paget jokes), and start to get a little jealous of each other’s alone time with him, leaving none of the drama unexamined. Join them for more laughs about Peter’s journey to love on Will You Accept This Rose

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