Did the Oscar Academy just Accidentally Leak the Winners?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences may have accidentally leaked their Oscar Predictions (or were they WINNERS?) for this weekends biggest Awards Show. They were showing a new app that's available for viewers to predict winners. However, when they tweeted it out there were answers that some are saying are actually the winners. The tweet was taken down within minutes, but of course some quick handed users were able to grab a shot. So, here you go! The BIG question will be are these really the winners? Or just some place holders for predictions. OOOOhhhhhh...Here were some of the PREDICTIONS so we can see if they are right...

-Parasite- Best Picture

Sam Mendes- Best Director for 1917

JoJo Rabbit- Adapted Screenplay

Joaquin Phoenix- Best Actor "Joker"

Renee Zellweger- Best Actress "Judy"

Brad Pitt- Supporting Actor "Once upon a time in Hollywood"

Laura Dern- Supporting Actress "Marriage Story"

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