Chicago First Graders Invent a Portable Sink that Wins National Competition

A couple of Chicago first graders have an invention that is peaking the interests of the national spotlight. In an invention contest, the two first graders won with the amazing idea of “the portable sink”.

The idea came to Kailey McGuire after she was at the beach and wanted to have a potato chip but ran into a problem, there was nowhere to wash her hands nearby. Then Kailey thought of her idea, what if there was a sink to carry around to was her hands and be able to eat snacks. Kailey then paired up with her classmate and friend Jaiah to bring the invention to reality.

In the end they designed a portable, collapsible sink that can be attached to a water bottle. This ingenious invention led to the duo winning first place at their school, then at regionals, and eventually the national convention where they won.

Congratulations Kailey and Jaiah for finding a way to help those who need a sink on the go. If you want to know more about their invention you can head over to the ABC story here

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