The State That BEST Represents America as a Whole IS....

How Cool is THIS? just put together a list of which states BEST represent America as a whole. They used 5 Key dimensions to determine the ranking....

  1. Sociodemographics
  2. Economy
  3. Education
  4. Religion
  5. Public Opinion

Then, they determined THE ONE CITY that most closely represents America as a whole. Can you guess who was #1? Well....CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR HOMESTATE OF ILLINOIS!! (I knew it before I even opened the envelope! lol)

Here are the states that MOST CLOSELY RESEMBLE the U.S.

  1. Illinois - 94.8%
  2. Florida- 93.71%
  3. Michigan- 93.37%
  4. Arizona- 92.35%
  5. Ohio- 92.08%

These are the states that LEAST CLOSELY RESEMBLE the U.S.

  1. Vermont- 77.12%
  2. Mississippi- 77.69%
  3. Utah- 78.32%
  4. West Virginia- 79.94%
  5. Massachusetts- 80.19%

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