Happy St Patrick's Day Season, Spring is on the Way!

Well we sprang forward last weekend, and Spring is on its way next week, March 19th!

- -- - OR - -- -

We sprang forward which means spring must surely be here, even though it's not official for another couple of days!

See what I did there?

I changed my perspective. Just subtly, but enough that to you I've made a positive, instead of a negative statement.

It works the same way in our heads. By guiding our thoughts toward the sunny side we feel more positive.

Admittedly, it's sometimes difficult to do, especially if you are "stuck" in negative circumstances; the middle of heart ache, drama, trauma, or perhaps the consequences of your own poor choices.

Yet all you need is a nugget, just a little nugget of hope.

I'm here to help. That's what the Delilah program is all about; a positive, safe, bright place to come home to. We are a place of inspiring stories. Maybe with a sad beginning, a challenging middle, and a surprise ending. But always with nugget of hope tucked in to each chapter.

If you're struggling right now, you don't necessarily have to go searching for the entire pot of gold, but if you can located that little nugget that lives within us all, your future will certainly be lighter and brighter!

And, if you need a little help, come home to Delilah.

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