Chicago Traffic was 2nd Worst in all of 2019

If you thought the traffic was pretty bad in the city, you almost are a bit too right. A couple of days ago the folks over at Curbed Chicago found out that in all of 2019 Chicago was the second worst city in the nation when it comes to traffic. So what makes our traffic so bad?

Well in all of last year, the average commuter wasted a whopping 145 hours just sitting in traffic. They also found that out of all these hours, most of them were spent on trips no further than three miles. The high levels of traffic could have been because of an increase in Ride sharing over the past couple of years, along with the increasing density downtown.

One positive of the increased traffic though is that you get to spend more time listening to 93-point-9 Light FM, which is always a bonus. I guess that’s one bonus of being at home all day, no traffic, let's see what the stats are going to look like next year. 

If you want to know more about this story, head on over to the Curbed Chicago article here

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