Chicago Couple has a Virtual Wedding Despite Corona Virus

Despite the sadness, strain and suffering the Coronavirus has brought upon our great city of Chicago, there are still many pockets of hope, love, and happiness sprouting around town.

One of these pockets of love was opened up by Dan Kraemer and Linda Feldmann, who defied the odds, and decided to get married virtually. Originally they planned to have a private wedding later this month, but when the virus swept across the nation, they decided to jump the gun and have the wedding sooner than planned.

So through the power of the app Zoom, they had a virtual wedding attended by everyone who was originally invited as well as their Rabbi and Priest to help out with the ceremony. To top it all off they planned to eat HoHos to celebrate their marriage but at the last minute a family member decided to spread some happiness too, by sending them a wedding cake.

If you want to know more about this living room wedding, you can head over to the main article here. Congratulations Dan and Linda, I hope you have a long and wonderful marriage.

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