Chicago Man Wrongly Charged $11,500 for $90 Mariano's Grocery Trip

A Chicago man was wrongly charged $11,500 for a $90 grocery bill!

Nick Blanusha went to Mariano's for curbside pickup of his groceries and paid with his debit card, signing the receipt slip without paying much attention. When he went home to check if he'd gotten his federal stimulus check, he noticed his bank account was empty.

"I looked back at the receipt and noticed I had been charged $11,500," Blanusha said. Store managers told him it would take almost a week to reverse the charges, so he contacted ABC7 for help.

Mariano's corporate office then contacted Blanusha. He says they told him, "Hey, we feel really bad about this, we want to make it right and we just found out about it at the corporate level; let's see what we can do to make sure you can pay your bills on time and we can make you whole again."

In a statement, the store added, "[We] let him know the entire charge was refunded, including the charge for his order," not sharing the cause of the mistake.

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