Local Nurse Connects Covid-19 Patients with Family with Phone Chargers

With another week indoors, many of us around Chicago are trying to find ways to help out our communities connected while still keeping them safe, which is a major challenge.

One person who stood up to the challenge is Megan Cairns Tress , a Chicago nurse on the front lines, who is doing her part not just to save lives, but to keep those in the hospitals connected. Since the hospitals around the City have been enacting no visitor policies, Tress started noticing many patients coming in ill-prepared, rushed, and usually without a phone charger to charge their phone, which would lead the patients to be stuck and by themselves.

That’s where Tress got the idea on how to help out the patients, by buying chargers for their phones, so they can still talk with family and friends while still being safe. So far she has been able to supply two Chicago area hospitals with helpful donations from facebook and friends. What’s more amazing is Tress isn’t the one making a difference, with similar efforts popping up in San Diego and along the west coast.

If you want to know more about this effort to connect those in need, head on over to the main article here. And thank you Tess for not only fighting on the front lines, but for doing the extra part. We’ll be back, you’re listening to Delilah.

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