Chicago Art Institute Lions get Face Masks to Promote COVID-19 Safety

Art Institute Lions (photo: Free Spirit Media)

Starting May 1, all Illinois residents must wear a face mask to protect themselves and others in public. The Lions at the Art Institute of Chicago are getting in on the policy as well!

To promote COVID-19 health and safety, the city of Chicago has covered their mouths and noses with a Chicago flag.

"The Art Institute is proud that Mayor Lightfoot chose our lions as part of her continuing campaign to keep Chicagoans healthy and safe. We hope they stand as a reminder that we are all in this together - and our city is second to none when supporting each other" said Kati Murphy, executive director of public affairs at the Art Institute of Chicago.

You'll be able to see the lions as you drive by the museum on Michigan Ave.

Or better yet, observe them through virtual social distancing in the images below thanks to Free Spirit Media.

Art Institute Lions (photos above: Free Spirit Media)

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