A Cubs Fan Tried to Sell His Support to Other Baseball Teams in the 80s

A Twitter has gone viral this week after revealing the way his dad used to deal with his beloved Chicago Cubs back when they were one of the worst teams in baseball.

"When my dad became upset at the Cubs’ performance, he would write other teams, offering to sign a contract as a free agent fan. Some teams wrote back to him," Don Kostelec tweeted this week along with pics of three letters his dad actually received from other MLB franchises way back in 1981.

The Seattle Mariners told Kostelec's dad, "A fan with your experience may be what we need to put us over the top," while a Montreal Expos VP--who was once a Cubs catcher--replied in part, "The trauma you would suffer trying to pull [your Cubs fandom] for another club would imperil your sporting health seriously."

The Milwaukee Brewers seemed most willing to take up him on his offer, writing, "It is a pleasure to make an offer to a free agent that does not have to include a five-year, guaranteed contract."

Kostelec added in a followup tweet that his dad never went through with his threats to abandon the Cubs; in fact, "he stuck with the Cubs, working in stadium operations at Wrigley for seven years after he retired."

You can see the letters below!

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