Local Street Artist is Helping Fight Covid-19 by filling in Potholes

While the Coronavirus may be bothering all of us here in Chicago, there is one thing that has been bothering this fair city since the beginning of time,Potholes.

Thankfully, one street artist has figured out a way to battle the pothole menace while reminding people how to stay safe and fight the virus. Jim Bachor, a local artist has been filling in potholes for a good while now, but recently took to the streets of Uptown Chicago to fill some potholes with mosaics inspired by the coronavirus pandemic.

The mosaics include a roll of Toilet Paper, a bottle of Purell, a can of Old Style, and a red star from the Chicago flag. Along with the mosaics in Uptown, Bachor is planning on making two more with the words “WASH YOUR HANDS” and “GO HOME” on them to further add to the fight.

If you would like to see the mosaics, you van head on over to the main Tribune Article here, and thank you Jim for spreading art and culture during these trying times, and for filling in some potholes. We’ll be back Chicago, you’re listening to Delilah.

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