Drive-In Theater to Open Near Down Town.

With the age of Covid upon us, business owners and event planners are thinking of new and safe ways to provide for the community. One of these event planners includes a team of local event curators around Chicago planning temporary drive-in movie theaters close to downtown.

Bucket Listers, a social media event guide in Chicago, has set up an outdoor movie venue that will be able to fit 300 cars a night, for six nights a week during the summer. Their plan is to run classic nostalgic, american films like “Back to the Future '', ''Sandlot ``,''E.T. `` and many more. They are also planning drive-in concerts along with clean bathrooms and “Contactless concessions''. This isn’t the only drive-in theater that is open around town, with the Mchenry Outdoor Theater along with the Route 34 Drive-In theater open as well.

If you would like to know more about the pop up drive in theater, head on over to the main article here, and enjoy your safe social distancing drive in theater Chicago.

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