How to Prepare Your Dog for the Day You Have to Go Back to Work

Your dog probably loves having you at home all the time these days but eventually, you may have to get back to work.

Here's how to prepare your pooch for when that time comes:

  • At least twice a day for an hour, put your in a room or a crate and close the door. Let him or her cry it out, and when you come back, act like you’re having a normal, boring interaction.
  • Extend the alone time from one hour to three to four hours. Try different forms of isolation, such as putting the crate in a different room.
  • Put your dog’s meals in toys that dispense food when pushed around. This gives the dog has something to occupy their time when you're gone.
  • Slowly reintroduce your dog to house guests, dog parks and public areas where there's lots of activity and noise.

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