Chicago Has Some of the Most Valuable 2020 Sports Teams in the World

For the fifth straight year, the Dallas Cowboy's are the world's most valuable sports franchise, according to Forbes. BUT Chicago has quite a large amount of teams in the top 50 as well!

Below are the top 10 as well as all Chicago teams that made the list:

1) Dallas Cowboys (Football), $5.5 billion

2) New York Yankees (Baseball), $5B

3) New York Knicks (Basketball), $4.6B

4) Los Angeles Lakers (Basketball), $4.4B

5) Golden State Warriors (Basketball), $4.3B

6) Real Madrid (Soccer), $4.24B

7) New England Patriots (Football), $4.1B

8) Barcelona (Soccer), $4.02B

9) New York Giants (Football), $3.9B

10) Manchester United (Soccer), $3.81B

13) Chicago Bears (Football), $3.45B

17) (tie) Chicago Bulls (NBA), $3.2B

17 (tie) Chicago Cubs (MLB), $3.2B

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