Navy Pier is Closing Down Early

Navy Pier, which is the go to place in the city for visitors to see from all around, will be closing its doors due to the pandemic.

The non-profit that runs Navy Pier announced all of its operations will temporarily shut down after Labor Day. The owners say that the temporary closure will allow the Pier to reduce expenses and support efforts to limit COVID-19 spread going into the fall and winter seasons. Essentially there is no money for the Pier, since foot traffic is down substantially from last year, probably because of the pandemic.

It is also due to the fact that main attractions cannot open up, like the Centennial Wheel, because of COVID-19 Restrictions. The Pier says it plans to reopen in Spring, so cross your fingers that it can stay closed that long and that we can all keep our classic Pier.

If you want to know more about the closure of the Navy Pier, head on over to the main story here.

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