Hundreds of Monarch Butterflies Currently at Shedd Aquarium Gardens

(photo: Shedd Aquarium)

Swarms of monarch butterflies have been spotted all over Chicagoland this week as they rest up for their 2,000-mile annual migration south.

One spot they've found nice and comfy are the gardens of Shedd Aquarium!

Shedd Aquarium is part of a national SAFE program, to help the monarch butterfly, which is considered a nearly threatened species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

The aquarium’s Horticulture team has planted vegetation across the aquarium grounds to help them including milkweed, echinacea, hyssop, salvia, boneset and ironweed.

Shedd's goal is to help in the recovery of the butterfly, which population has dropped between 80 and 90 percent from historic highs.

Chicagoans can plan a visit down to Museum Campus and visit Shedd Aquarium, which is open to the public and welcoming guests.

Monarchs at Shedd

Video provided by Shedd Aquarium

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