South Side Community Members get together to Light up the Neighborhood

Despite the different holiday season, we are having, folks all around the city have been finding ways to safely celebrate the holidays as a community.

One of the communities that has stood out this year are the folks over at My Block, My Hood, My Chicago. Over the past week, My Block, My Hood, My Chicago got together to light up the south Side. Over one day, 100 cars worth of volunteers picked up supplies at Washington Park to decorate 200 homes along a miles-long stretch of Martin Luther King Drive.

This is all part of a larger project called “Be a Part of the Light”, an effort to bring hope to the South Side, especially for those who have suffered from the coronavirus. It truly is a light filled sight that brings a smile to the face knowing that communities care for each other especially during these tough times.

If you want to know more about My Block, My Hood, My City, and the work they are doing this season, head on over to the main article here to see the full story.

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